The 10 Top Toys for Children with Autism in 2021

December is aptly National Safe Toy & Gift Month. With the Holiday Season upon us, parents are desperately on the search for the safest and most beneficial toys for their children.

As a parent of a child on the spectrum, you more than familiar with the crucial role of toys and games in a child’s development and how they can help build important life skills through ordinary play, which makes this the perfect time to explore the best toys for your ASD child.

When choosing a toy that is ideal for your ASD child, it is important to look for toys that help develop social communication and interaction and allows your child to deal with many of the sensory issues that is associated with Autism.

And while, life is not all fun and games for a child on the autism spectrum, with the perfect toys, playtime can help an autistic child relax and feel secure, while also building crucial skills.

Here are our recommendations for the top toys of 2021.

#1: Sensory Pop Puzzle

Sensory toys have grown incredibly popular in recent years for children on the autism spectrum and beyond. These two-in-one fidget toys blend the trendy pop-it bubble toys with a challenging puzzle for the sensory child who loves a good challenge. Sensory pop puzzles can be especially beneficial for a child with autism by enhancing the child’s focus, calming the child in stressful situations and improving the child’s fine motor skills.

#2 Shape Sorters

Shape sorters are classic development toys which are ideal for autistic toddlers, or children aged 1-4.  They’re fun to play with while facilitating the growth of fine motor skills and problem solving. 

#3: Body Sox

This innovative toy allows a child to get inside a colorful, body-sized and breathable sock!
Children with autism find that the full-body pressure helps relieve anxiety and stimulate

#4: Kinetic Sand

Today’s play sand is not the grainy stuff you used to build castles as a child. Kinetic sand is
moldable, super-fun to play with, and comes in a variety of vibrant colors. Children on the
autism spectrum enjoy the sensory stimulation of sand play while developing their fine motor

#5 Fisher Price Stack & Discover Sensory Blocks

The variety of colors, textures and items on these cubes make them the perfect toy for your
child to explore with their hands.

#6 Expanda Ball

With its bright colors and flexibility this toy is captivating for any child, but it’s soft to touch
material helps it stimulate several senses. Children with ASD can also use it as a breathing ball
to calm down in sticky situations.

#7 Eezy Peey3-in-1 Action Board

Created to provide an easier way for children scooter, this toy is an ideal way to burn off energy
and helps with balance and gross motor skills.

#8 Weighted Stuff Animals

ASD children will love the added sensory pressure that these adorable stuff animals provide
when cuddling with them. Weighted blankets and toys like these help ground and calm children
without them even realizing it.

#9 Feel-a-Pair Touch Game

This game works great for the development of a variety of skills, including sensory, memory,
perception, color recognition and is a great game for your child to play solo or together with you.

#10 Social Skill Board Games

This is one of the many games created specifically to develop social skills (google for the many
other options available). But regardless of which option you choose, these game s help your
ASD child work on morals, manners, empathy, friendship, showing and managing emotions all
while playing a really fun game.


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