Applied behavior analysis, or ABA, is a scientific and evidenced-based therapeutic approach in which the environment is manipulated to help an individual learn. Through ABA therapy, we can increase positive behaviors and skills and decrease negative behaviors.

Your concerns are our concerns. We can help your child (1-21 years of age) gain essential life skills and increased independence in many areas, including executive functioning skills, following directions, toilet training, bedtime routine, peer interactions, play skills, verbal behavior, and reduction in aggression and tantrums. 

Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is often diagnosed in a young child by their pediatrician or neurologist. The first step may be when parents tell their child’s pediatrician of their concern that the child is not meeting developmental milestones. Sometimes, a doctor expresses concern about the possibility of developmental issues at a child’s routine visit. Generally, an assessment or other form of testing is done to confirm a suspected diagnosis. 

If your child was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder and your healthcare provider suggested ABA therapy, reach out to Advanced Behavioral Therapy today, so we can help. We’ll guide you through the therapy process and answer all your questions.

ABA therapy is often covered by your insurance, as the ADA mandate is that health insurance plans should cover ABA therapy for children with an autism diagnosis. Some insurance policies have copays and/or deductibles. Reach out to our staff today so we can give you an estimate of the cost.

Call your insurance provider member line, or reach out to our staff: we can do a benefits and eligibility check for you and let you know exactly what your insurance covers and what the process will cost you.

The younger the child, the better. Children who are still early in their development learn new skills more easily. While a person of any age can benefit from ABA therapy, starting ABA therapy as soon as a child is diagnosed and ABA therapy is suggested is ideal.

ABA therapy is beneficial for all ages and stages in life. We serve children aged 1 to 21 years. Although we suggest getting the process started when a child is young, a child of any age can benefit. Research has shown that older children and adolescents have gained tremendously from ABA therapy, making significant progress in life skills and independence. 

ABA therapy focuses specifically on your child’s behaviors, social skills, emotional regulation, and communication and daily living skills in a consistent and intensive manner that can be life-altering and lasting. Although speech therapy, OT, and social work focus on the language, motor skills, or mental health of your child, ABA works to improve the entire scope of your child’s daily functioning and overall development. 

When you sign up to have your child receive ABA therapy, we create an individualized, unique plan for your child that focuses on increasing specific desired behaviors and skills, and decreasing unwanted behaviors, in the home, school and/or community setting. ABA generally works best when the child receives services intensively every week, and on average, clients receive 15-30 hours a week, depending on the child’s needs.

The BCBA is the one who assesses your child, creates the treatment plan for your child and ensures that the plan is carried out properly on a consistent basis. The BCBA supervises the therapist as many times as necessary and on a weekly basis to ensure all programs within the therapy process are carried out properly and accurately, so that the best outcomes possible are obtained. The BCBA is an integral part of your child’s care and ABA therapy service. 

ABA therapy ends when your child has mastered the stated goals and no longer requires a therapist to maintain those goals. Often ABA therapy begins in quite frequent sessions, and the number of sessions gradually decreases as your child progresses and masters the desired skills, until 100% mastery is obtained. At Advanced Behavioral Therapy, we strive to discharge clients when their families are pleased with the independence and skills their child has obtained. 

Parents and caregivers are able to receive training at 10% of the number of therapy hours their child is approved for. For example, if a child is receiving 20 hours of therapy a week, parents can receive 2 hours of training each week. We suggest taking advantage of that, as our BCBAs are highly trained and offer excellent guidance and techniques for maximizing a child’s progress. You are with your child for many hours outside their therapy sessions, so to the extent you can apply ABA techniques that help your child, you can maximize your child’s progress. 

Call or email Advanced Behavioral Therapy and our staff will immediately respond to you with the next steps. We aim for a simple, smooth, stress-free process for you. At Advanced Behavioral Therapy, we pride ourselves on having a deep reserve of superb BCBAs and therapists, so we can immediately get the therapy process started upon intake. 

Yes, we collaborate with many professionals and have many different kinds of therapists on our team in order to provide a holistic approach to our clients. We believe in providing total care, and that can include all of these therapies.


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